Monica Logani, CFA


Monica co-founded Muse because she saw an opportunity to help founders utilize their resources more efficiently as they scale. Leveraging her extensive experience in business and financing strategy and execution, she helps founders deploy financial data more strategically in the development and growth of their companies. She believes this will have a positive impact on the founder’s decision making, valuation and capital raising ability.

Career Highlights:

• 20 years of experience in corporate finance and equity research at Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers and Federated Investors
• Former Head of Research at the Ayllu Initiative, a non-profit helping social enterprises scale.
• Advisory role to early-stage companies and angel investor with 37 Angels
• Mentor at Monarq, an incubator for women led-startups
• Lecturer at Women’s Entrepreneur Boot camp (WEB) and Women’s Business Development Council
• MBA from Kellogg Graduate School of Management

Janet DeFrino


Janet believes instilling financial discipline in the early stages of a company’s life cycle is essential to scaling efficiently and will ultimately enhance a company’s value and founder equity. She combines her extensive experience as an equity analyst, investor, and mentor to early-stage founders to offer a unique perspective to the companies she advises.

Career Highlights:

• 20+ year analytical career as an equity analyst and investor at Morgan Stanley, a large family office and a partner at Eachwin Capital
• Managing Director of Golden Seeds, an angel investing firm
• Co-founder of an institutional asset manager and a boutique executive search firm serving the finance industry
• Mentor at Founder Institute, CT Innovations and Monarq, an incubator for women-led startups
• 3x co-founder, board member, advisor and frequent guest lecturer


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