Female Founders Rock Child Rearing Too!


There are some indisputable facts about being a mother AND an entrepreneur. — you are a juggler, an improviser, leader, counselor, and provider….and according to a study published by three HBS professors, you’re probably also a ROCK STAR mother!

The study, published last April in the Journal of Work and Study and linked here, analyzed two international surveys of 100,000 men and women in 29 countries and found two statistically significant outcomes. First, daughters of working mothers achieved higher levels of compensation and more supervisory roles than those of non-working moms.  Secondly, the sons of working mothers had more egalitarian views on gender roles and were more likely to chip in at home!

It’s not surprising. Children of both genders watch and learn how you manage both a household and a workplace, they see you FAIL and not let it deter you, and they see you dream. Dinner table conversations reveal to them the fulfillment you receive from your job and the joy you feel as a mother, and they are inspired by it. It’s having an effect.

So, if you ever felt any guilt…. drop it. You are an inspiration to your family and your friends. You are a ROCK STAR mom…..the HBS analysis proves it!

Maybe the next study should focus on measuring the GRIT exhibited by the children of female founders….we bet there’s a positive correlation there too!

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