Muse provides the insights needed to
power a sustainable growth strategy.


Our mission is to help you scale your business efficiently by focusing your team’s time and financial capital on those initiatives that will drive your business the furthest while preserving founder ownership.

Our approach is predicated on instilling financial discipline into your company’s culture from the beginning. This starts with an insightful forward-looking financial model to  help you plan for what’s ahead, understand your cash flow needs, and evaluate strategic options.  It continues with establishing a data-driven mindset throughout your team – collecting and using data to evaluate whether the actions you’ve taken have generated the returns expected.

At Muse, we pride ourselves on helping companies scale with a clear path to profitability while identifying ways to improve cash flow and enhance company value.



First, we leverage our experience as analysts and investors to develop financial forecasts that provide insight into the key drivers of your business and support strategic decision-making. Our clean and intuitive financials showcase your company’s key drivers, highlight answers to key investor questions, and enable effortless testing of assumptions, accelerating the due diligence process with stakeholders.

Our timely and relevant CEO reports keep you and your investors apprised of the risks and opportunities facing your business.




Next, Muse instills a data-driven, disciplined culture by structuring data collection and analysis and ensuring that it’s used to inform decision-making.






Finally, we identify opportunities to improve cash flow, employ capital more efficiently, and improve operating results as well as serve as your sounding board for strategic decisions.



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