Victoria Feder, Founder


The financial advice I received from Muse Advisors was invaluable as it helped me achieve a high level of financial vigor and oversight. They built a bottoms-up model that helped me address some important questions about pricing, lead sources and funnel metrics. I can now easily identify the most valuable sources of leads and customers and adjust my marketing spend accordingly. They constructed graphs that are helpful for visualizing key financials and a KPI tracking sheet, which facilitates my key metrics review.  With Muse, I am prepared to address questions from investors and oversee the financial health of my company. I now think about my business in a data-driven way, which will benefit the decisions I make going forward. Read the full case study here.

Alice Kittrell, Founder


The Muse team was invaluable in helping us build out and refine a new business model for our company. They walked us through each and every revenue and expense line item that they believed was applicable to our business – some of which we had never even considered – and all of which had a material impact on what direction we would take the company. Muse’s feedback throughout the process, whether it was related to specific calculations in the model (i.e., thinking through each of our accounts payables and receivables) or granular details related to our business (i.e., talking through how many accounts should be allocated to each salesperson), was always insightful and aimed to improve the way we ran our business.” Read the full case study here

Claire McTaggart, Founder


I had a phenomenal experience working with Muse Advisors to help build SquarePeg’s financial model and forecasts, and would recommend them to any other founder. Building the right financial model that works for your startup is tricky, and there are lots of approaches and assumptions that need to be taken into consideration. Muse really got to know our company and business model so that we could structure the model in the right way, and build a set of assumptions that made sense for our management and for investors. I had built my own financial model before working with Muse, but found that I never used it internally and was not comfortable sharing it with investors. With a strong financial model and clear set of assumptions, I was able to improve my investor presentations and decision-making. Ultimately, it was a very educational experience that each founder should go through as they scale their business. It wasn’t just about the end product, it was about going through the process with Muse that really helped us. ” Read the full case study here.

Paul Stratta, Founder


Working with Muse to develop a financial model has been a great exercise. Appreciating the sensitivity of my business’ key drivers was eye-opening; while I had a conceptual grasp of what objectives mattered, I didn’t understand how modeling can fine-tune what we actually need to accomplish, and how we communicate our progress to current and future investors. The Muse team listened well and built a bespoke financial model that syncs with the realities of my business. I feel more confident speaking to stakeholders, and internally to staff, about what we need to do, and the related financial impacts of that performance on our overall business. Muse Advisors are also a bunch of great people. Read the full case study here.

Sylvia Kampshoff, Founder


Muse Advisors completely changed the way I think about my business and took it to the next level. Having a command of my numbers makes me more confident speaking about my company with potential investors and differentiates my pitch from other startups. The financial forecast Muse helped me create keeps me focused on what really matters in running the business. I can only highly recommend the Muse team to every startup founder. They are not only one of the smartest, most experienced and analytical group of people I know but they had my back during the ups and downs of startup life.

Amanda Paterson, Founder

The Call List

Leveraging the Muse Financial Platform and teasing out every assumption with Muse provided the support I needed to create a financial model at a forensic level. This process took the intuition out of where we should focus our limited resources and helps us make data-driven decisions. We spent a great deal of time with Muse challenging the viability of revenue streams, which ultimately led to my decision to kill one product line because the margins didn’t support the effort. Overall, the process deepened my understanding of my business model and prepared me well for investor interactions. Read the full case study here.

Rachel Trobman, Founder

Upside Health

Working with the Muse team on financial modeling has been an incredibly rewarding experience. It not only created a powerful tool for our fundraising efforts, but it also helped us better understand our growth trajectory and informed our hiring decisions. Moreover, the end product is completely fluid and easy for me to manipulate myself.

Allison Schickel, Founder

The Brobe

Muse Advisors are genius when it comes to advising small businesses. They brought a different perspective to our business model, more than any other financial strategist we have worked with in the past. Working with Muse forced me to critically analyze my customer acquisition strategies and their respective returns on investment. Through this analysis, I realized that one of my partnerships was not worth the outlay and that my wholesale business was never going to meaningfully grow because of the high churn of retail stores. My digital marketing strategist’s report has taken on new meaning as I am now able to more easily digest it with a keen eye on optimization. The Muse team is very knowledgeable, patient, and brilliant at strategy.

Susannah Bailin, Founder

Advice Coach

Muse asks insightful questions, gets to the crux of the matter quickly and adds tremendous value throughout the development of strategic and financial modeling. I highly recommend Muse Advisors to any start-up team.

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